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 +====== Assistant - Dress / Undress ======
 +Here can find some infomation about new Enhanced Dress / Undress! This agent allow user to operate tu item equip whit change whit specific list.
 +====== Main Window ======
 +  - With this selectbox can switch Dress list.
 +  - Use this button for add New Dress item list
 +  - Use this button for remove current Dress item list
 +  - Use this button for import a existing Dress item list from file.
 +  - Use this button for export current Dress item list to file.
 +  - Use this button to start Dress engine.
 +  - Use this button to start Undress engine.
 +  - This textbox is used for set delay to dress / undress item.
 +  - This checkbox if for set control for conflict item on same layer, If checked if layer is busy disequip current item before equip newone.
 +  - Use this button for set container (from target in game) where undressed or conflicted item placed (if container is not accessible or not valid automatic switch to backpack).
 +  - Use this button to read current player equipped item.
 +  - Use this button to add a Undress by specific slot.
 +  - Use this button to add item in dress list from ingame target.
 +  - Use this button to remove selected item from list.
 +  - This area is a logbox for status and operation about dress / undress engine.
 +  - This column is for enable or not specific item.
 +  - This column is name of layer.
 +  - This column is name of item, if is UNDRESS is a undress slot.
 +  - This column is serial of item.
 +  - Use this button to force stop dress or undress engine.
 +====== Add Undress Layer ======
 +  - This combobox is used for select layer.
 +  - Use this button to set selected layer to undress.
 +  - Use this button for close window whitout any change.