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 +====== Tabs - Enhanced Toolbar ======
 +  - Use this button to open toolbar.
 +  - Use this button to close toolbar.
 +  - Use this checkbox to prevent toolbar move.
 +  - Use this checkbox to automatic open toolbar at login.
 +  - Whit this ComboBox can select toolbar slot to edit.
 +  - In this textbox can insert name of item in toolbar.
 +  - In this textbox can insert graphics of item to track in toolbar.
 +  - In this textbox can insert color of item to track in toolbar (Use -1 for all color).
 +  - Enable or disable this checkbox for show ingame warning if some resource under some amount.
 +  - In this textbox can set warning limit.
 +  - Use this button to automatic get data about a resource.
 +  - Use this button to clear toolbox selected slot.
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