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 {|style="​font-size:​85%;​ border:​solid 2px; width: 50%;" {|style="​font-size:​85%;​ border:​solid 2px; width: 50%;"
-|style="​font-size:​150%; ​ padding: 2px" colspan="​2"​ | **Add a Player to a FriendList**+|style="​font-size:​150%; ​ padding: 2px" colspan="​2"​ | **Add a Player to a friend list**
 |- style="​background-color:#​f0f0f0;"​ |- style="​background-color:#​f0f0f0;"​
 |**Syntax** |**Syntax**
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 |- style="​background-color:#​f0f0f0;"​ |- style="​background-color:#​f0f0f0;"​
 |**Parameters:​** |**Parameters:​**
-|FriendListName ​- The name of the Friend list this player should be added to +|FriendListNamePlayerNamePlayerSerial ​ 
-|PlayerName ​- The name of the player being added +
-|PlayerSerial ​- The Serial number of the player being added+
 |} |}
 =====Check Friend==== =====Check Friend====
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