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Razor Enhanced

This site houses the Razor Enhanced project, a new advanced version derived dall'assistant 2D .NET Razor for Ultima Online ( https://github.com/msturgill/razor ). warmly thank all the authors of Razor and the developer community RunUO for letting us with their work to make this small but important experiment.

Currently the project is in phase Beta , that is to say that, though the development is already in an advanced state, the many new features that have been added require intensive before the final release test. How it differs from the original project Enhanced Razor Razor? In short, we note among others the following features

  1. It is based on .NET 4.5 and has therefore a lot of improvements available in this framework (higher speed, stability, etc.)
  2. A wide range of specialized Agent (Autoloot, Scavenger, Organizer, Vendor Buy, Sell Vendor, Dress, Restock, Bandage, etc.)
  3. A new targeting system and Filtering evolved that allows you to select more accurately the targets PVP and PVM
  4. A built-in scripting engine based entirely on IronPython .NET that lets you use all the native features of the Python language with ability to run multiple scripts simultaneously
  5. A built-in scripting engine that mimics UOSteam command and syntax

Latest Build:
Razor Razor Enhanced supports OSI clients on Windows and Linux/Wine + CUO Windows Only Python 3.4 version

7.X system. Deprecated and not receiving updates:

CUO from RE Razor Enhanced is building a version of CUO that will hopefully be stable, and have extensions to make RE work better
DustyCUO from RE Razor Enhanced is building dust765's version of CUO that has some extra features

UOAM Download UO Auto-Map v9.0.0 Beta

UO Mapper Download Ultima Mapper

Unsupported Builds
Razor Older Microsoft Binary file format build v0.6.68

Razor Download last AlexDan v0.6.62

For questions or information you have available the following tools:

Wiki Discord