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====== In Game Command Line Commands ======

< can be used instead of - as the command prefix. CUO intercepts - in some cases

  • -where - prints your current location
  • -ping - lists the round trip ping times to the server
  • -reducecpu - lowers the priority of the ER process to reduce cpu load
  • -renice - sets the priority of the executing task ( by name )
  • -help - prints list of commands
  • -listcommand - same as help
  • -echo - echos a command on the screen
  • -getserial - prints the hex serial number for a target
  • -inspect - target and in game mobile, and present inspect window
  • -inspectgumps 0 opens the gump log
  • -inspectalias - opens a window containing Shared objects, and timers
  • -playscript - executes a script by name, as if you had clicked run on it
  • -hideitem - Removes an item from the viewable area. It is still there, just you cant see it.

This is useful if you have a pile of things, and need to get to the bottom.

  • -drop - You target an item, and it will be dropped at your feet
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