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Assistant - Friend List

Here can find some infomation about new Enhanced Friend List! This agent allow user to operate to specif list of player to allow some operation or block other.

Main Window

  1. With this selectbox can switch Friend List.
  2. Use this button for add new Friend List.
  3. Use this button for remove current Friend List.
  4. Use this button for import a existing Friend List from file.
  5. Use this button for export current Friend List to file.
  6. Use this button to add a player to friend list by ingame targer.
  7. Use this button to add a player to friend list in manual mode.
  8. Use this button to remove selected player from0 friend list.
  9. This area is a logbox for status and operation about Friend List.
  10. This checkbox if for set autoaccept party invitation from player in Friend List.
  11. This checkbox if for block attack (warmode) to player in Friend List.
  12. This checkbox if for include currest party player to Friend List.
  13. This column is for enable or not specific player in list.
  14. This column is name of player.
  15. This column is serial of player.

Add Manual Player

  1. This textbox is name of player.
  2. This textbox is serial of player.
  3. Use this button to add player to list.
  4. Use this button for close window whitout any change
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