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uop<->mul converter

green bags

green corpse

dark journal

only tree stumps

color icons for spells, but doesn't fit this step by step

Example step by step for art replacement:

  1. make copy of UO directory for safety, my copy is named c:\UO_Copy used in following commands
  2. make a subdirectory named c:\UO_Copy\Temp
  3. you need mulpatcher and LegacyMULCL-N in the temp directory from download at above web site
  4. copy artLegacyMUL.uop to C:\UO_Copy\Temp directory
  5. Temp should look like this
  6. open a command window
  7. cd C:\UO_Copy\Temp
  8. LegacyMULCL-N.exe -x c:\UO_Copy\Temp
  9. Now Temp looks like this
  10. note you have art.mul and art.idx now .. this is only file type mulpatcher works on
  11. I apply so download that zip
  12. move the unzip file ART_justnotrees to the Temp folder
  13. now Temp folder looks like
  14. start mulpatcher
  15. click on settings tab at bottom, sometimes you have to make window bigger to see tabs
  16. in Art secion (second column top place) click the … and pick your artidx.mul and art.mul files that you made when you ran LegacyMULCL-N in step 6
  17. Click Load and wait a minute while it loads
  18. click on features tab
  19. in Autopatch section select justnotreesOSI.txt file that is in your c:\UO_Copy\Temp\ART_justnotrees directory
  20. in drop down pick Art (s)
  21. * Mulpatcher should look like this
  22. Press start
  23. * Success will present this
  24. click OK
  25. Back to Settings tab no
  26. In that art section you did load in step 12, you now want to do save
  27. Save back into Temp .. you will probably have to change up 1 directory because the save is going to open in the justnotrees directory
  28. It will save 2 times, once for Artidx.mul and once for art.mul
  29. Done with mulpatcher. click close box(edited)
  30. now have to convert those mul back to uop, but it wont write over your c:\UO_Copy\Temp\artLegacyMUL.uop file so you have to delete c:\UO_Copy\Temp\artLegacyMUL.uop first
  31. back to command prompt
  32. run LegacyMULCL-N.exe .\ in command prompt result will look like
  33. Now you have a NEW c:\UO_Copy\Temp\artLegacyMUL.uop file
  34. copy this c:\UO_Copy\Temp\artLegacyMUL.uop back to c:\UO_Copy\artLegacyMUL.uop … Maybe save your old c:\UO_Copy\artLegacyMUL.uop file first(edited)
  35. Change your RE startup to point to client in UO_Copy .. fill out all the stuff based on your server


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