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Assistant - Vendor Sell

Here can find some infomation about new Enhanced Vendor Sell! This agent allow user to sell automatically some item to vendor whit specific filter.

Main Window

  1. With this selectbox can switch item Sell list.
  2. Use this button for add new Sell item list
  3. Use this button for remove current Sell item list
  4. Use this button for import a existing Sell item list from file.
  5. Use this button for export current Buy item list to file.
  6. Use this button for set sell bag (from ingame target). Sell bag allow to sell only item in selected bag and sub bags, if is not valid or not accessible automatic switch to backpack.
  7. Use this button for unset sell bag. Automatic switch to backpack.
  8. Use this button to open a item insert window to add manual a item to list whit specific: Name, Graphics, Color and Amount.
  9. Use this button to add item to list from game target (automatic read all information).
  10. Use this button to open a windows to edit current selected item (blue line on itemlist).
  11. Use this button to remove selected item from list.
  12. Enable or disable this checkbox for start or stop Sell filter.
  13. This area is a logbox for status and operation about Sell filter.
  14. This column of checkbox is for enable or not singolar item in buy list, can change in realtime durin Sell filter enabled.
  15. This column is Name of item in list.
  16. This column is Graphics of item in list.
  17. This column is Amount of item in list.
  18. This column is Color of item in list (if show all filter not check color but only Graphics and Amount).

Add Item Window

  1. This textbox is used for insert Item name.
  2. This textbox is used for insert item graphics.
  3. This textbox is used for insert item amount.
  4. This textbox is used for insert item color. This can be also -1 for All color.
  5. Use this button to save and add item to list.
  6. Use this button for close window whitout any insert.
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